A Dirty Carseat

Cleaning puke out of a child’s carseat is one of the grossest things I’ve ever done. If you have never done this, I doubt our friendship will grow because we will have nothing in common and I’ll always feel slightly better than you. Yes, I said it.

Every time I swear I’m going to burn it and buy a new one. But that would be a lot of fires and a huge investment. So after I carefully remove the crying puker from the seat and change their disgusting slimy clothes, I put on those fancy blue gloves and head back in to the trenches. Am I the only one who thinks even after you douse the straps in Lysol they’re still contaminated? The horrible part is, there’s no way out of it. If it were socks or even a shirt, you could just throw them away. But you have to clean the car seat.

The other day my two year old threw up in grandma’s car on her way back to our house. It was one of the best I’ve seen. And by best I mean worst.


Cleaning a car seat is not just a one time experience saved for throw up. Anyone with littles in their life knows a car seat is a collector of all things. Crumbs, boogers, hair bows, goldfish and occasionally one sock. A quick sweep of the carseats is needed almost every day.

And so it should be with our hearts. Because my heart is a collector of all things. Pride, selfishness, anger and occasionally envy. I need to check my heart often to make sure things aren’t piling up.

Psalm 139:23-24

“God, see what is in my heart.
    Know what is there.
Test me.
    Know what I’m thinking.
 See if there’s anything in my life you don’t like.
    Help me live in the way that is always right.”

In the same way I clean out a carseat, I need to be as thorough with my heart.
Whether it’s vomit or crumbs, jealousy or unforgiveness, none of it belongs. I don’t want to do it and I don’t enjoy it, but after I clean the seat the people who ride in my car are glad I did. Surrendering my tarnished heart to the Lord isn’t always a pleasant process, but after, the people who do life with me are glad I did. So am I.





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