Neala and Lincoln,

Tomorrow is the first day of school.  And for the first time in many years, I’m not going. This makes me a little bit sad and a lot a bit glad.  (I know, “a lot a bit” is not proper grammar.)

In May I was offered a part-time teaching position at ECS, a private school.  At first your dad didn’t want me to accept.  We were trying to sell our house so we could have a lower mortgage.  Because a part-time position meant part-time pay, he said we had to sell our house before I could accept the job.

When the job was offered, I asked how much time I had to make a decision.  A week and a half, two would be stretching it.  Yikes!  Now the pressure was on.  We HAD to sell our house or I would be missing a wonderful opportunity.

I prayed that night and asked God to sell our house in one week.  It was Wednesday.  On Saturday a woman came to see our home and made a cash offer. Whaaat?!!

I was 38 weeks pregnant, but still managed to do the happy dance complete with running man and roger rabbit moves.  If you do not know what these dance moves are, please search for them on the internet and learn how to do them as soon as possible.  These are seriously cool dance moves.  Seriously.

Lincoln, the day after you were born our realtor came to the hospital so we could sign the purchase agreement.  Talk about a whirlwind.  (If you want to know how the rest of the summer went, read my previous letters.  It was good, it was bad, it was ugly. Then it was good again.)

Now it’s August and I’m feeling so weird.  This year I won’t go to work on the first day of school.  This year I won’t have a homeroom.  Instead of one group of kiddos to call my own, I’ll have multiple classes rotate through.  I think having my own class is what I will miss the most.

I’m at a new school, teaching different grades and subjects I’ve never taught before. Which in the teaching world, is like getting a whole new job. I’m also leaving teachers at my old school who I’ve grown extremely close to and will miss terribly.  Bittersweet is the best word to describe how I feel right now.  Sad to leave, but excited for a new adventure.  The change puts a fresh expectancy in my heart.  It also puts so many butterflies in my stomach I could throw up a butterfly farm.

Something which has been harder than anticipated is shopping for school supplies.  Or should I say, not shopping.  Towards the end of July I would usually head back into my classroom and start getting it ready.  I would buy new posters, notebooks and fun pencils.  But the thing I enjoyed the most was buying new Sharpies.  Fine point, retractable, and my personal favorite-chisel tip.


I may or may not have an obsession with Sharpies.  It’s possible we have 128 of them in our home at this current moment.  I also keep one in my bag and the car, just in case.
At my new school  I’ll spend most of my time teaching Technology in a computer lab. Pretty sure we won’t need neon permanent markers to use a computer.

My lack of new sharpies makes me a little sad.  But then I remind my heart- I am working part time now.  Totally worth the trade.
Now instead of working five days a week, I work three.  I’m trading my fine tip black Sharpie for more snuggles with the two of you.

I’m trading my favorite green chisel tip for stacking blocks, eating pretend food, and playing in the dirt.  Actually, Neala you are in the “eating dirt” stage right now which is funny and gross at the same time.


Perhaps you are wondering why I’m telling you all of this.  Mostly for two reasons:
1. I want you to know God answers prayer. It’s not always when or how you think he will, but he will.
Working part time was something I wanted when Neala was born.  It didn’t work out that year and I was very disappointed.  At the time, I felt God was not hearing me or answering my prayer.  Remember, God’s plans are always better than ours.

2. I also want you to know your dad and I made sacrifices to make this happen.  We will continue to make those sacrifices.  Our new home is not the biggest.  It is by no means my “dream home”.  But it’s a nice home. It meets our needs and allows me to work part time.  Being home with you is way more important to me than a humongous house.

When my maternity leave for Neala was over and I went back to school I cried a lot. Honestly, I was surprised at how hard it was to leave you and return to work.  Later this week I will have the first day at my new school.  My maternity leave for Lincoln is over and I will leave you with JoJo and Aunt Kimi. And I’m not crying.  I’m not even sad.

Well, this isn’t totally true.  I am a little sad thinking about a new pack of Sharpies…

One thought on “Sharpies

  1. God answered your prayer in His timing and it makes me chuckle. Its never when we think it should be and its not always convenient or its not like how we planned. Its almost to tell us- “hey, I hear your prayer. I want to answer it but on my terms not yours kid.” 🙂 I loved reading this. Hugs


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