With Us

Dear Neala,

A few nights ago you and I were reading about creation in your storybook Bible. In the middle of the story you pointed to Adam and asked if he was God. After I told you no, you began pointing to other things on the page asking if they were God.
“No, sweetie, that’s not God either.”

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

With frustration in your voice you asked, “Where is God in this picture?”

Your question instantly struck a chord in me.

How many times have I asked, “Where is God in this picture?”

I frequently look at the pictures of my life and wonder where He is.
When I’m overwhelmed at the responsibilities four children brings.
When I think of my mother, alone, wondering why death had to come so soon for Pawpaw.

As if my life’s pictures weren’t enough, the snapshots of others further begs the question.
When friends spend money, time, energy and emotions trying to conceive. Only to reach another month of disappointment.
When neighbors battle sickness and disease.
When people I love struggle through depression and anxiety because life has not been kind to them lately.

It is so tempting to scream up at the heavens and tell God a few things. Really give him a piece of my mind.

But there is no need to shout. You see, our God is not high up in the heavens looking down on us with pity.
He is Emmanuel. God with us.

He is the strength we need to wrestle through disappointment and hurt. He is the loving whisper we hear when we feel alone or misunderstood. He is the peace we feel when the words and prayers of others fall short.

As you grow up I am certain there will be times you will question God.
Like me, you may question his sovereignty, his timing, and even his goodness.
I will be the first to tell you this is acceptable and normal.

You might point to a circumstance or event in your life and ask, “Where is God in this picture?”

I will be the first to tell you, He is Emmanuel. He is God with us.

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