So, I’m starting a blog

When my daughter was born I set up an email account for her. On a regular basis I send her stories. Sometimes I write about her life, attaching pictures or videos of the adorable new things she’s doing. Other times I write about my own.

The plan is to give her the account password when she is older. She will have an inbox full of letters from her mama. She will read about my struggles and victories. My joys and my sorrows.
Don’t start thinking I’m super creative and thoughtful. I saw the idea on a google commercial.

During my pregnancy, my husband and I affectionally began referring to her as “little foot”. The name stuck and we still call her this today. Now that I am expecting again, we will have more than one “little foot” running around. Thus, the name of my blog. Letters to little feet.

Of course, they can’t read yet. (Though I’m certain they will be early readers and probably child geniuses because their mother is a teacher.) It will be years before they will read and appreciate my letters.

In the meantime, maybe you will enjoy them.

I could name 128 friends who have blogs.
Some of them are very good. Cry your eyes out, then eat a pint of ice cream good.
Others are funny. Really funny. You know the ones. They make you laugh so hard no sound comes out of your mouth and you just shake.

I cannot promise every blog will be really good. Or really funny. But I can promise they will be mostly good. And sometimes funny.
They will definitely be honest.

And since we’re talking about honesty, I already have a confession. I should’ve started this blog a long time ago. My daddy and I often talked about writing a book together. We daydreamed about making a collection of the stories from his life. Sadly, we never wrote those stories down. When he passed away in January, I suddenly felt compelled to begin writing. I don’t want to go one more day with all these stories floating around in my head. My stories, daddy’s stories, my children’s stories. I pride myself on being organized, but it’s getting a little crowded in my head.

I find it only appropriate to post my first blog today, February 9. Today marks exactly one month since daddy died. I’m dedicating this blog to him.

7 thoughts on “So, I’m starting a blog

  1. Love this! I have so many memories and stories from my dad, grandpa, etc before their death that need to go somewhere. I lost my dad when I was nine and things seem so far distant in my mind in regard to him. I LOVE the idea of the email. I may steal this and start it for my nameless guy as well. Thanks for being honest and real! I miss your face and can’t wait to meet your little guy as well!



  2. Seriously….I am crying. I can’t wait to read your next entry. You have always been so honest. And your writing is so simple that it cuts right to the heart. Your daddy is smiling from heaven right now….


  3. I love this idea sis! I kept a journal for Ben his first year. It’s nice to be able to share with your children not only what is happening in your life but of God’s faithfulness to them. I remember writing nightly when Ben was in the NICU…telling him of how well he was doing and how the nurses all talked about how peaceful he was. Your children will treasure your stories some day. đŸ™‚


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