Letters to Heaven

Dear PawPaw,
I’m four now. Since my birthday is right before Christmas, I’m really racking up on presents. Especially baby dolls. I have babies who pee and poo! Mommy said she just looooves taking care of more messy babies in the house.
I dancing and helping, but my favorite thing is singing. I heard the song “Mary, Did you Know?” and told mommy I wanted to learn all the words. Do you see Mary in heaven? Her last name is Didyouknow, and she wears a blanket on her head, so she should be easy to find.
Mommy and I look at my photo albums a lot. She likes showing me pictures of us together. She told me I must be pretty special because I got to meet you before you went to live with Jesus.

Love you,

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 6.24.12 PM


Mommy says the older I get, the more I act like you.When a lot of people are in the house, I usually go in the other room to play alone. She told me you used to walk out the room and go to bed when there was company!

I spend most of my time playing with big trucks, tools and dinosaurs. I won’t eat or sleep unless T-Rex and Long Neck are next to me. I ask for a screwdriver at least four times a day, but they always give me the plastic toy ones. I don’t think anyone realizes I’m a big boy now. I’m two and a half you know…
Mommy said if you were here you would have already taken me out to the garage and given me a real screw driver.

It sure will be fun when I meet you in Heaven one day. I plan on getting into lots of trouble with you.

Hugs and roars,


I’m the smallest, but don’t be fooled. I’m tougher than nails and can push both my brothers down. I demand to be held by anyone who comes over and refuse to take a nap longer than one hour. Who has time for sleep when there’s a crib to climb out of?

Mommy said I would have been your favorite because you were a softy with girls. Plus I look different than the other kiddos. I don’t have dark hair or eyes, and my skin is white like Elmer’s glue. JoJo thinks I look like you!

Despite my young age, I’ve already sat in the time-out chair for a considerable amount of time. Mommy said if you weren’t in heaven you would rescue me from time-out, so I really wish you were still around.

Hugs and kissies,




Puh-puh-puh-Paw Paw,
I started speech therapy this month and I’m working on my “puh” sounds. Mommy keeps showing me your picture so I’ll say “PawPaw.” Therapy is going great. I’m finally learning how to use my voice. It just took awhile because there are so many jabber-jaws in this house.
Mommy and daddy say I am a very pleasant child. I get whiney when I’m hungry or tired, but it’s hard for anyone to stay upset with me because I’m ridiculously handsome.
Emmy may be the “active” twin, but I’m more sneaky. I love to rip toilet paper into pieces and pull ALL the wipes out of the box. I steal food off Emmy’s tray and laugh when she screams. I’m so quiet, you don’t know I’m being naughty until it’s too late.
My favorite thing to do is take naps. Mommy said you loved Jesus, old cars and naps. So I’m pretty sure if you were here, we would take a lot of naps together.

Merry Christmas PawPaw,



One thought on “Letters to Heaven

  1. Ahh, I love these letters…Papaw would love these little ones to the moon, as I’m sure he’s doing, we just can’t see, but he’s there with them….as he is with you too, Mistie.


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