Neala, Lincoln, Emerson & Jackson,

July 8th is a special day. Today is the day Aunt Kimi was born.
Only I have to tell you, Aunt Kimi isn’t really your aunt. Or mine.

We call her Aunt Kimi because she’s framily.

If you google the word framily, this definition comes up the most:
“a new social group underpinned by the principle that good friends are the family that we can choose for ourselves”. (

That’s a fancy pants way of saying some friends are like family.  This is exactly what Aunt Kimi is to us.

I don’t remember when I first met her.  I just know she’s always been around.

Neala, when you were born Aunt Kimi offered to help watch you when I went back to work. Let’s see. A reliable friend. Who will drive to my home. And watch my child. For FREE.  Ummm….yes please.

She showed up every Tuesday and Friday for the entire school year, ready for diaper duty and playtime. Throughout the day she would send me pictures of the two of you playing or singing.  Knowing you were in good hands made this new mama’s heart happy. She quickly earned the title, “The Poop Whisperer” when Neala had some trouble, well…you know.




In 2014 Kimi and her family suffered a great loss.  Her first grandson passed away after only a few days. Assuming she would want some time off, I started to make arrangements for other sitters. I was shocked when she told me she wanted to come. Heartbroken and grieving, she came and held my baby.

In the fall of 2015 Kimi walked through more loss. Again, she chose to come be with Neala and Lincoln.  Daddy and I were humbled and amazed at the strength she had and love she displayed to you both.



Fast forward to today.  Two houses, a new job and four kids later…

Aunt Kimi is still driving to our home.  Still singing and playing.
Still whispering the poo out of all of you.
Still bringing joy to our hearts and our home.






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