Letters to PawPaw at Christmas

Last year our family started a Christmas tradition. We wrote a letter to PawPaw, tied it to a balloon and released them to “heaven”.

The four of you are still too young to write your own letter. But I don’t mind writing them for you.

Dear PawPaw,

I’m three now!
I’m silly and caring and love to sing loudly. If you tell me something once, I remember it forever. Since I’m the oldest, it’s my job to boss Lincoln around and help feed the twins. Mommy says I’m a hard worker, just like you.
If you were still here, mommy says we would get into a heap of trouble together. She says I’m a “threenager” because I can cop an attitude faster than you can blink.
At night I pray for JoJo because she misses you so much.





Dear PawPaw,

Boy do I wish you were here.  I get in trouble all the time. I’m curious and active and can climb anything in 2.8 seconds. I love taking things apart and I’m obsessed with the vacuum. If there’s food on my plate, it’s not there long. I shovel food into my mouth and ask for “mo” before mommy can get her own plate ready.
Even though I’m a typical toddler and into everything, mommy says my personality reminds her of you. She cries sometimes when she watches me play because I make her think of you.
You went to heaven before I was born, so we’ve never met. But I’m pretty sure we’d be best buds.




Dear PawPaw,

I only weigh 14 lbs, but don’t be fooled. Despite my peanut appearance, I’m sassy and strong. I’m crawling and almost sitting up. I will grab anything within reach, including but not limited to, hair, jewelry, paper, and Jack’s face.
Mommy says I would have been your favorite because you always rooted for the “little guy”. Well, I may be a little girl but I ain’t afraid of nothin! I crawl towards the vacuum, flip over my boppy, and even manage to squirm out of the buckle in my bouncy seat.
I’m not saying any words yet, but if I could this is what I’d say:
“What’s Neala doing? I want more food. Grab another bib, I’m about to spit up. Let’s play! Is that a squirrel? What are you doing? Wanna roll on the floor together?”

Mommy says I’m just like you PawPaw. Small, but mighty.




Dear PawPaw,

My life is so great right now. My eyes are deep brown and it makes all the ladies swoon. I grin and mommy’s heart melts. Anyone who comes over to help instantly falls for me. Probably because I am the best cuddler in the Midwest. I’m laid back and the best sleeper of all the kiddos. If you were here we would totally take a long nap on the couch together.
Yep, my life is pretty great. The only thing missing is you.





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