10 years

Dear son,

When my doctor put me on bedrest last month, I did my best to maintain joy and a positive attitude.   In effort to push out frustration and dread, I quickly made a mental list of all the positives:

1. I would get lots of extra time with Neala.
2. I could catch up on a few books I had recently started but never finished.
3. I would write more letters for this blog. The letters would be beautiful and inspiring. When you were old enough to read them, you would marvel at mommy’s writing.

Turns out bedrest is not exactly restful.  Or productive.
I would say it’s completely exhausting, physically and mentally.

I did enjoy the extra time with Neala, once my doctor took me off the crazy meds that turned me into a psycho. But I didn’t finish any of the books.
And those inspiring letters?  Yeah, didn’t happen. I feel as if my brain has turned to mushy mashed potatoes. Have I forgotten how to write a complete sentence?

But today is a special day. I’m pushing my mushy brain to its limit and forcing it to think clearly.  See, today your father and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  I know it’s hard to believe I’ve been married 10 years when I hardly look a day over 25…

I want to take time today to tell you about your dad.  By the time you are old enough to read these letters you will already know quite a bit about him. But here are just a few of the many things I love about him:

1. Your dad is one of the most intelligent men I have even known.  Seriously.  He reads something once and remembers it.  Forever.
He buys logical reasoning and algebra books.  For fun.
He takes LSAT practice tests on a regular basis. (Law School Admission Test)
Even though he already passed the LSAT.
And graduated from Law School.
And has been a practicing attorney for quite some time.

While I may never encourage you to buy an algebra book for fun, I will encourage you to be like your father.  I hope you love learning and sharpening your brain as much as he does.

2. Your daddy is funny. At times, downright silly.  But he doesn’t show this side of himself to many people.  I actually prefer it this way.  It’s sort of nice being in the small group of people who see him in a different light. Obviously his job requires him to be serious and professional. But when he comes home and rolls around on the floor with Neala, acting like a complete goofball, I grin from ear to ear.  I giggle when Notre Dame scores a touchdown and he jumps off the couch and starts doing the Irish Jig.

3. Your father loves God.  Really, truly, wholeheartedly loves God.  As you grow older you will find this to be true. You will observe this love in how he treats his family and friends. You will notice how he treats me with respect. You will appreciate how hard he works to be involved in your life.  In time you will realize it is the God your father loves and serves who helps him do these things.

4. Your dad has made me a better person.  Which is ironic, because when we first got married I was certain it was my job to make him a better person.

He has taught me to choose my words wisely and to never speak in absolutes. He is very steady, rarely if ever letting his emotions control his thoughts or actions.  I could definitely use some help in this area. He is disciplined and  loyal.  He makes me want to be a better person in my thoughts, words and actions.

Our anniversary is today, May 7th. But a few days ago he brought home a present and said I could open it early.  Here’s what it looks like hanging on your wall.

L is for Lincoln.  That’s right!! He agreed we could name you Lincoln.  We were back and forth between Harrison and Lincoln.  I reeeeeally wanted Lincoln, but he wasn’t a huge fan.  He went to the store and bought a giant L to hang in your nursery.  When I opened the bag I screamed like a schoolboy screaming like a girl.

So now you have a name. And after 10 years I can finally say I talked your dad into something…

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