My daddy had a 1950 Chevy.  It was black with grey, pin-striped interior.  Daddy loved that car.  I mean, looooved that car.

He called his best friend Ray one summer day and asked him for help. He said he needed to sell the Chevy.

“Why are you selling your Chevy? You love that car.”
Daddy responded, “Because Mistie needs braces.”

My parents worked hard to provide for my sisters and I.  Mom tells me there were times they barely paid the bills.  She tells stories of scraping by and trusting God to make ends meet.  I have no early childhood memories of this.  I cannot recall a time I felt hungry or cold or lacking. My memories are of slumber parties, feeding our baby bunnies, and riding bikes up and down the street.

They didn’t have the money to pay the orthodontist.  And they didn’t want to use a credit card and go into debt.  So my father did what he thought was best.  He sold his Chevy so they could pay for my braces.
That’s the kind of man my father was.

Kind. Selfless. Sacrificial.

This weekend is Easter.  Tomorrow girls will twirl around church in fancy dresses and little boys will tug at their ties. Everyone will post pictures of their children with Easter baskets, running through egg hunts, and eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate candy.

Neala, you will go to church in a pretty dress and you will go to an egg hunt.  (You will NOT eat ridiculous amounts of chocolate.  You will probably only eat one piece, if any.)
You are too young to understand now, but as you grow your father and I will teach you the real meaning of Easter.

We will explain how God loved us all enough to send His son to pay for our mistakes. You and your brother will learn how Jesus died on a cross and rose from the grave three days later. We will do our best to show you what it means to love, follow and serve God.

Hopefully, I can do this as well as my parents did.  Hopefully I can be kind, selfless, and sacrificial like my father.

I’ve already seen your father making sacrifices for you.  He gets up every morning with you (Neala) and lets me hit snooze for five fifteen more minutes. He gets your breakfast ready and starts to feed you before he eats.  He helps clean up the breakfast mess before he leaves for work, even though he leaves before I do. When he gets home at night, he immediately gets down on the floor and starts to play with you, even though he’s starving.
When it’s time for bed, he comes in your room with me and helps get you ready.  We turn off the lights and put on your jammies. He sings “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Twinkle Twinkle” 128 times with us while we sit in the rocker and he even does the motions. We kiss your sweet little face and lay you down.  When you look up at us from your crib with sleepy eyes, he always tells you how much he loves you.

He does this Every.Single.Day.
I love it and I am totally grateful.
One day, you will be too.

If one of you need braces when you’re older and we don’t have the money, I’d like to think I would sell your father’s Mustang to pay for them.  😉

It was years before I found out about my daddy selling his Chevy to pay for my braces. He never bragged about doing it, and he also never made me feel like I owed him something. I realized I had done nothing to earn his gift and there was nothing I could do to repay him.

It is the same with God.  We have done nothing to earn His love and we can do nothing to repay Him.  He is kind and sacrificial and will love us no matter what we do.

He will do this Every.Single.Day.
I love it and I am totally grateful.
One day, you will be too.

2 thoughts on “Sacrifices

  1. Mistie, I loved reading this one. Your Dad was a good man. He will not be forgotten. When we who knew him are faced with some life situation, he will come to mind, and we should follow his example. He lived his life fully, and didn’t waste any of his time.


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