3, 1, 1, 1

When a woman has two babies in the same calendar year, or within 12 months, they call them Irish twins.

But what if a woman has a baby, then twins within 12 months….what do you call that?

Crazy. That’s what you call it.

Lincoln was born on May 19. The twins were born May 2 the following year. (That’s 348 days later.)

Next week we will celebrate the twins’ first birthday. So, for a few weeks in May, I will have THREE one year olds, and one three year old. Did you catch all that? It’s ok if you need to read it again. Because math is hard.

When you are all older, chances are you will not have many memories of this year. Most people don’t have memories when they were one, two, or even three years old. Ironically, this year will forever be etched in my mind as one of the hardest, longest and most exhausting years of my life.

My memories start around kindergarten. I love looking at the pictures my mom saved from my toddler years. Even though I don’t remember, those captured moments tell me I was loved, cared for and enjoyed.

I find it only fitting to share pictures with you. Pictures to help you understand and know what life was like when you were 3, 1, 1, and 1. So even if you don’t have the memories, you will know you were loved, cared for and enjoyed.



We fed you dirt, butter, and sometimes real food.


I even talked daddy into letting you have sugar (this is big).


IMG_5040We forced you to swim and enjoy the outdoors.



We cut your hair.



Nail polish was left within your reach.



We took pictures instead of picking you up.



You were gently and lovingly placed in “baby jail” so mommy could mop the floor. Or go to the bathroom alone. Or sneak snacks in the pantry.



We put you in obligatory twin clothes.




We provided learning opportunities for you by placing you in bouncy seats that played classical music and displayed primary colors.



And then there’s a few which need no caption….







You’re welcome kiddos. You’re welcome.

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